Retail Therapy Consignment Labor Day Sale


Retail Therapy Consignment Labor Day Sale

Retail Therapy Consignment Labor Day Sale



Welcome to my first blog! If you are a long time loyal follower of Retail Therapy Consignment you know that there have been lots of changes! Retail Therapy Consignment has been in business for almost 16 years. Over those years there have been many ups and downs, ebbs and flows and if I have learned anything I have learned to pivot! 

Retail Therapy Consignment's Labor Day Sale looked a little different this year. In years past Retail Therapy Consignment has hosted the infamous $1 cash racks to move out our expired merchandise. With our growing community and business we needed to figure out a model for a sale that worked differently. This year Retail Therapy Consignment partnered with a local ministry. Sharing Hope & Reaching People. Sharing Hope and Reaching People is a non-profit Christian ministry who believe that Christ commanded us to go feed the hungry and take care of those in need. They are focused on meeting the physical needs as well as building relationships. This year Retail Therapy Consignment pre-sold large bags to fill full of treasures for only $20! What a great deal! This sale generated over $600 for Sharing Hope & Reaching People. Retail Therapy Consignment is blessed to be a part of helping this ministry and we look forward to many more opportunities to contribute to our community. 

Retail Therapy Consignment also hosted an in-store wide sale. Friday was the pre-sale day and Saturday was the BIG SALE! The entire store was 15-75% off with tag colors drastically reduced. This is a day I look forward to because I love to connect with customers. This sale brings out our online shoppers, many out of town shoppers and lots of locals as well. And I love seeing you all! But, I was not there during the BIG SALE. My oldest, Ally, got sick and I was needed at home. Home is where I needed and wanted to be. I was sad not to see and connect with everyone but I was so very grateful that I have a team that Retail Therapy Consignment has built. I call them my WOMAN POWER! Retail Therapy Consignment is NOT a one woman show! We are now at a staff of 6! This number might seem small to you but it is a huge number for this little business! As I type this, the sale is happening in store now. And I am so overwhelmed with joy, pride and gratefullness that I did not have to be there while I was needed at home. Thank you so much to each and everyone of you. If you are reading this then you have in some way been a part of this transformation of Retail Therapy Consignment.

Right now it is probably too late for you to catch our in-store sale. But, no worries! Retail Therapy Consignment has a brand new website that we have been working hard on!  Shop this site for 20% OFF everything thru 9/3. In 2020 I decided to 100% dive into the online selling world after successfully selling on social media before and during the pandemic. We launced a website Black Friday of 2020. We had great success with this website but it was clear we needed one that was much more user friendly and gave Retail Therapy Consignment tools to help grow the business. We are on track to do just that! Please mark our website and visit it frequently. We add new items daily and you can check out my blogging skills :)

The last component of Retail Therapy Consignment's Labor Day Sale is our LIVE SALE MARATHON. Join us all day Monday 9/3 for discounted live sale videos. This is a fabulous time to catch great deals, have a few laughs and meet new friends! Retail Therapy Consignment has been successfully selling on Facebook Live Videos since 2018. It started out as once a week and it has grown to multiple videos each day. With the implementation of our new software system and our website, Retail Therapy Consignment has been able to grow this platform to be an esential part of the business. Again, this could not be possible without you. Our outstanding customers, family, friends and employees who have helped us get here. Retail Therapy Consignment looks forward to growing this part of the business and helping other businesses succeed in this area.

From the Retail Therapy Consignment family, we hope and pray that you and your family have a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day Weekend.

Blessings, Jessica :)

By Jessica Brantley

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